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Also, early Christian missionaries tended to favour sites that already had spiritual significance to site their churches, in order to make the process of converting the locals easier.  So it follows that as this particular one is sited so close to Iron Age setllements, that no doubt it has existed even longer than that as a place of worship in one form or another.


It is entirely appropriate therefore that with over 2000 years of history under its rafters that the style of worship in St Curig's follows the traditional, both in terms of the Order of Service (which is as full of "thee"s and "thou"s as it was when John Wesley preached here) and the hymns which we sing accompanied by our pipe organ which celebrates its centenary in 2020 and is currently undergoing extensive renovation. Its "picture postcard" appearance makes it a very popular venue for weddings and baptisms. And for the regular parishoners, it is an enduring source of pride.


We have a weekly service every Sunday morning at 11.30am. Usually this service is Holy Eucharist, or Morning Prayer on the third Sunday of every month. There are other services on special days in the Christian Calendar and we also host occassional concerts and recitations.

Porthkerry is a pretty village of cottages, farms, manor houses, coastal views, an Iron Age hill fort and of course, our church. Most visitors ask how old St Curig's is. The truth is, its hard to say. The Chancel and nave were probably built in the 13th Century, around 700 years ago, while the tower was added some 200 years later. A list of incumbents gives names back to 1371 . But there is believed to have been a church on this site from the earliest days of Christianity in Wales.


When St Cadoc founded the monastry in near by Llancarfan around the year 650, Porthkerry was the main port of the area. So doubtless every monk, cleric, missionary or pilgrim who set sail from the port will have stopped there to pray to St Christopher for safe passage before setting sail on the notoriously treacherous waters of the Bristol Channel.

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Lime washing at Porthkerry -We still employ this ancient method of weather proofing our church. Click here if you want to learn more about how we do it.