What is the Rhoose Community Hub?


The Rhoose Community Hub is the most ambitious community project proposed for Rhoose in over a decade. Located right in the heart of the village, on Station Road, opposite Spar and next to St Peter's church. It will be a community space open during the day, 7 days a week. It will be run by the community, for the community as a place where everyone is welcome to drop in. It will be a meeting place, a cafe, a space for local groups to run activities, courses, classes, meetings, exhibitions and events.

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Why are we doing this?


Loneliness and isolation are some of the unspoken blights of modern life. Many groups such as the elderly, parents with young children or people who are primary carers for infirmed members of their own family are crying out for opportunities to get out of the house and mix with other people for support or sometimes, just conversation. Importantly, without the need to spend money – especially if it is tight.


Back in 2016 Vale Rural Communities did a mapping exercise in Rhoose and one of their core findings was that the village lacked a hub or community space to meet this need. Specifically, somewhere which is open through the day where people can drop in, have a cuppa and a chat, but also with enough space for small groups to be able to utilise it for specific activities and meetings.


Since then, no other body has stepped up to actually fill this void.  We did a survey of our own (asking over 100 people) and discovered that both amongst our own congregation and in the wider community,  a lot of people felt that the village needed some kind of “community hub”.


As the church already owned a plot of land in such a great central location in the village it seemed a great thing for us to get invloved with. It is important to emphasize however, that even though the church is driving this, it is not a church poroject. It is a community project. For everyone.

Is this project ever going to get off the ground?


We already own the land and have got all the permissions we need to go ahead with this project. We need to raise in the region of £300,000 through fundraising and grant applications so with your help, yes - it can become a reality.

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